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1255 Static Eliminators

Fraser Anti-Static 1255 static control bar in anodised aluminium
Fraser Anti-Static 1255 static control bar in anodised aluminium1255 ioniser bar with hardened etched emitters for long-life 1255 anti static bar with detachable HT cable 1255 anti-static bar with double ended detachable cable1255 static eliminator bar supplied with double ended cable1255 static ionizer bar with option to detach cable1255 Fraser Anti-Static elimination bar with detachable cable



The 1255 Static Eliminator Bar is a version of the best selling 1250-S Bar, but with a detachable cable. Please see 1250-S Datasheet for details of applications and specification.

  • The 1255 Bar is designed for applications where there is a requirement for the HT cable to be detached from the Bar. Typically this may be because the application risks damaging the cable.
  • The price of the 1255 Bar includes a 2m long double-ended cable. Longer cable lengths can be specified.
  • The high voltage from the Power Unit must be turned off before disconnecting the cable.
  • NB. The 1255 variant is not covered by the UL certification of the 1250-S Bar.

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