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1260 & 1265 Ionising Electrodes

1260 / 1265 very compact shock proof high performance static eliminators




bullet-point-icon Compact, high performance static elimination
bullet-point-icon Completely shockproof in operation
bullet-point-icon Suitable for static elimination in restricted spaces
bullet-point-icon Ionisation for neutralising fast-moving products and high charges




Static Eliminators for small objects and restricted places

Very compact, high performance static eliminators suitable for neutralising the static charge on small objects and in restricted spaces.

The 1260/1265 are used to neutralise static electricity on tape, trim, yarns, optical fibres and other small parts.

  • The resistively coupled design produces a large volume of ionisation for neutralising fast-moving products and high charges.
  • It is completely shockproof in operation.
  • The design geometry projects the ionisation to give an operating distance of up to 150mm. The best performance is between 25mm to 50mm.
  • All critical parts are encapsulated in epoxy resin for a long life.
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Can be used in to ionise existing air nozzles and jets.

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