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720 Static Bar Checker

Fraser Anti-Static 720 Static Bar checker
Fraser Anti-Static 720 Static Bar checker 720 for checking that AC Static eliminator bars are working720 pocket sized AC static eliminator bar checker720 static bar checker with LCD display720 static eliminator bar checker




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Quick and Accurate Static Bar Checker

The pocket sized 720 is a quick and accurate method of checking that AC Static Eliminator Bars are working.

The 720 works by measuring the electric charge induced onto the internal sensor by the emitter pins of the static eliminator. An integrated circuit drives the LED display, according to the power of the signal.

  • The operator should press and hold the white button, and approach the static eliminator bar. If the bar is working, the LED display will be activated by the voltage of the signal. Take the reading at the same distance each time, the 720 may touch the emitter pins if this is easier.
  • If there is a deterioration in performance it may signal that the bar needs cleaning or that there is a fault in the transformer. If there is no signal there is either a short in the system or the transformer is defective. Also check the battery in the 720.

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