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3024 L 24VDC Anti-Static Ionising Bar

High performance 3024L compact ionisation bar with built-in electronics
High performance 3024L compact ionisation bar with built-in electronicsMounting for 3024L long range static elimination bar3024L powerful 24VDC ionising bar highly suited to machinery manufacturing





bullet-point-icon The Industry benchmark for traditional Long Range Ionisers
bullet-point-icon Fast, Efficient Ionisation
bullet-point-icon Ideal for Modern Manufacturing applications

Long Range Static Eliminator

The 3024L is an ideal Long Range static eliminator for many machinery manufacturers: compact, with built-in electronics, 24VDC supply and powerful performance. For applications that don't require the additional power and intelligence of a NEOS bar, the 3024L delivers static neutralisation to meet the requirements of high performance machinery. Integrated high voltage power supply, requires only a low voltage 24V DC input.

    • Shockless, resistively coupled emitters made in tungsten for unlimited life.
    • LED status indication: Bar OK: (green), fault (red).
    • Remote monitoring of operational status.
    • 100% coverage. Effective length = Overall length. No dead zone.
    • Standard M8 4 pin connector.
    • Available in two versions: 1. 3024 F high speed version for speeds up to 1,300m/min, for distances from 25mm to 150mm. 2. 3024 L long range version for distances from 100mm to 500mm


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