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3850-SC Ionstorm Bar

Long range 3850 Ionstorm Bar with Ionstorm Controller attached
Long range 3850 Ionstorm Bar with Ionstorm Controller attachedFraser Anti-Static 3850-SC Ionstorm Bar linked in series3850-SC Ionstorm static elimination bars joined in series3850-SC Ionstorm bar for winders, mouldings, assembly benches and hoppers3700-SC Ionstorm Controller for powering Ionstorm bars3700-SC Ionstorm Controller able to power multiple bars using connector box3700SC Ionstorm Controller totally shock proof and has adjustable frequency 3700-SC Ionstorm controller with lockable settings3700SC Ionstorm Controller with bayonet connected cable attached


Pulsed DC Ionising Bar

IONSTORM uses advanced pulsed DC ionisation technology for static neutralisation at long distances without air assistance.

Ionstorm Static Elimination is used on winders, mouldings, assembly benches and hoppers wherever long range static control is needed.

  • Ionstorm has been designed to optimise static neutralisation performance at distances between 200mm and 1m.
  • Market leading performance and the proven reliability of Fraser.
  • Fully controllable output with lockable settings.
  • Unique, double-wall separation of the positive and negative polarities for reliability and low maintenance.
  • Long life tungsten emitters. Replaceable if damaged or worn.
  • It is the essential tool when you demand long range, high performance static control.

There are two models available:

  • 3850SC & 3850HP-SC.

The Ionstorm bar is powered by a 3700-SC Controller.

Multiple bars can be powered by one controller with the use of a 3850-SC Connector Box.

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