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1250 AB Airboost Static Eliminator

1250 AB Air Boost Bar with mounting holes
1250 AB Air Boost Bar with mounting holes1250 AB Air Boost Bar mounted with an airbox1250 AB Air Boost Bar with airbox to extend neutralisation range1250 AB Air Boost Bar mounted on bracket with airbox




bullet-point-icon Uses low pressure compressed air
bullet-point-icon Blows ionised air into restricted areas
bullet-point-icon Neutralises mouldings on conveyors
bullet-point-icon Use with Fraser 5.5 kV and 6 kV Power Units




Effective Static Neutralisation up to 500mm

The 1250-AB Bar uses low pressure compressed air to extend the effective static neutralisation range up to 500mm.

Typical applications for the 1250-AB are stopping film sticking to rollers on packaging machines, keeping sensors clean and free of static, neutralising mouldings on conveyors and many others.

  • The 1250-AB has all the advantages of the 1250-S Bar with the assistance of an airflow which extends the neutralisation distance up to 500mm.
  • It is used for blowing ionised air into a restricted area, onto a product which moves in position or onto a substantially 3-dimensional product.

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