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3024 DC Ring-shaped Static Eliminator

3024 DC Ring Ioniser 5





Ring shaped 24 V DC powered static elimination


Air assistance capability for material agitation and optimal ionisation 

bullet-point-icon For manufacturers and suppliers of pneumatic conveying systems
bullet-point-icon 200mm ID flange coupling for installation with standard Jacob tubing




Ring Ioniser for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

The 3024 DC Ring Ioniser is a powerful addition to the 3024 range of static eliminators and delivers static neutralisation of material flowing through conveying systems. 

It is a ring-shaped static eliminator designed for machinery manufacturers and suppliers of pneumatic conveying systems, and can also be retrofitted to existing machinery.

The 3024 DC Ring Ioniser utilises Fraser’s unrivalled 24 V DC powered electronics via a separate power pack to provide 100% ionisation coverage. It also features an air assistance capability to support the agitation of material for optimum ionisation results.

  • Fits standard 200mm Jacob tube.
  • 100% ionisation coverage.
  • Shockless, resistively-coupled stainless emitters.
  • LED status indication on power unit: Bar OK: (green), fault (red).
  • 24 V DC supply with 11kV HV via supplied power unit.
  • 90 to 250 V AC power supply option.
  • 8mm pushfit air fitting.

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