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bullet-point-icon Powerful long-range static eliminator
bullet-point-icon Designed specifically for OEMs
bullet-point-icon PLC-controlled ionisation output
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The NEOS 30 OEM is an innovative long-range static eliminator designed specifically for OEM’s.

Ideally suited to winding machinery or converting applications, the NEOS 30 OEM features PLC-controlled output that allows the ionising range of the static eliminator to be optimised continually as its distance to the web changes. The output frequency of the bar is directly controlled by the customer’s existing PLC, without the need for additional sensors. This provides machinery manufacturers and end users with increased scope to optimise process output quality.

The NEOS 30 OEM, with PLC-automated range control, is designed to accept an additional signal representing target distance. This external input signal finely adjusts the bar HV output frequency as the distance of the charged material varies, such that optimal electrostatic neutralisation can occur. 

  • Shockless, resistively-coupled replaceable emitters made in tungsten for long life
  • 100% coverage across the length of the bar
  • Configured to neutralise charges at a range of 200 mm to 1,500 mm
  • Available in lengths between 600 mm and 5,000 mm
  • Output frequency of the bar can be controlled through an existing PLC, without the need for additional sensors
  • 24 V DC power supply

Dimensions: 76 mm x 33.6 mm x 600 mm [max 5 m].

The complete NEOS range includes intelligent static eliminators for short, medium and long-range applications, and is capable of handling speeds of up to 1,500 metres per minute. To explore other solutions, see also NEOS 30,  NEOS 20 or NEOS 12 L

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