Controlling Static in Industry

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Powerful, Intelligent, Reactive Ionisation

The NEOS range represents the latest in advanced electrostatics. 4 powerful 24V DC products suitable for a wide range of applications.

NEOS are capable of providing targeted ionisation in even the most challenging of situations including varying geometry, high speed, long distance as well as delivering exceptional performance in all of the traditional static control applications.

Unique Features of the NEOS Range:

  • Powerful - Up to 30KV
  • Efficient - Provides 100% coverage across the length of the bar leaving no "Dead Zones" 
  • Clean - Built in "Clean me" indicator
  • Reactive - Intelligent features allow the NEOS range to detect and deliver exactly the amount of ionisation required
  • Shockless - resistively coupled emitters
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Universal Mounting - Designed to be easily mounted 


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