Controlling Static in Industry

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Textile Applications: Carding, Beaming, Creels

eliminate static on an A frame stenter
eliminate static on an A frame stentereliminate static on sliverneutralise the yarnneutralise yarn coming from the creelsneutralise fabric crossing inspection tableneutratlise static on large winders




Eliminate static from your textile processes

Static electricity causes severe problems in many areas of the textile industry. Some of these are shown below.  Please contact Fraser Anti-Static for solutions to other applications.


  • The sliver coming out of the carding process can be highly charged.  The long-range Ionstorm static eliminator can be positioned about 500mm above the apron so will not interfere with the product.

Warping, Beaming, Sizing

  • The high speed yarn can be highly charged, resulting in “ballooning” and yarn breaks.  The typical solution is to neutralise the yarn when it is flat after a comb or eyelets.


  • It is often necessary to neutralise each layer of yarn coming from a creel, as shown.

1250 Bar positioned just after a comb, where the yarn does not change its path very much

These 1250 Bars may be joined together in series in a “ladder” so that only one cable goes back to the Power Unit.

Stenter, “A” frame delivery

  • The moving delivery arm may make it difficult to neutralise the fabric with conventional short range static eliminators.  If this is the case then the best product to use is the Ionstorm Bar - positioned about 500mm from the centre position of thefabric it will neutralise the charge.

Inspection Machines

  • Static charge is generated as the fabric is unwound and passes over the light table.  This can cause adhesion to the table and also give shocks to people handling the inspected fabric.  The solution is to position 1250 Bars as shown in the sketch here.

Other winders

  • Ionstorm Bars are very effective for neutralising static charges on larger winders where long range performance is required.

1250 Bar neutralising the fabric as it goes onto the winder to prevent shocks

1250 Bar neutralising fabric to prevent sticking to the table


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