Controlling Static in Industry

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Static Elimination for Print Finishing - Sheeters

Static control on sheeters









A compound static charge is sometimes referred to as "the battery effect" and this can cause real issues especially in sheeters. A compound charge left unchecked can build to dangerous levels before discharging.

Sheet cutters are used in a variety of processes; in web offset printers and digital printing they are used to transform the printed web into sheets. 

  • If plastic material is undergoing the sheeting process, the result is often extremely static generative.
  • The preferred solution in most cases would be to utilise a 1250-S Bar in the location shown above.
  • If this position is unachievable then a NEOS 12L will provide excellent medium range neutralisation at distances up to 600mm.
Static is a leading cause of material misbehaviour and is a responsible for a range of packaging issues as well as presenting a real risk of shocks to operators. Fraser Anti-Static have over 20 years experience in this field. We recognise that many static issues are unique and offer an obligation free consultation for all prospective customers to ensure that the solution we provide will deliver the right results.

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