Controlling Static in Industry

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Signs and Screenprinting

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Signs and Screen Printing

Although screen printing is suffering from competition from large scale digital printing it is still a major area for static problems.  We have developed many solutions especially for screen printing industry, including sheet feeding, dust on substrate, screen and printing problems and bad stacking. 


Stacking / Delivery

Static levels in the sheet after the drier can be very high.  It causes bad stacking and shocks to operators.  The normal solution is to use a 1250 Bar immediately after the conveyor.  If there is a lot of curl on the sheets a 3850 Ionstorm Bar can be used, as shown here.


Cleaning Sheets

When the backing film is removed from plastic sheets a high static charge is generated which can attract dust from over 1m away.

The 4125B Ionised Airgun  removes this dust and also kills the charge which attracted it.


Screen and Printing Problems

Static related problems include ink fly, dust attraction to the screen and the substrate sticking to the screen. 

The traditional solution is to attach a short range static eliminator bar to the squeegee to neutralise the screen.

A better method is to use our Ionstorm Long Range Static Eliminator Bar positioned up to 600mm from the screen, as shown below.  This floods the area with ionised air which neutralises the charge as soon as it is generated.


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