Controlling Static in Industry

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Printing and Print Finishing

Static electricity causes problems throughout the printing and print finishing industry.  The sketches below show typical solutions in sheet fed litho printing and folders.  Fraser offers cost-effective solutions to all of these problems.


Sheet Feeding

Static causes sheets to stick together, resulting in double-sheet feeding and sheet twisting on the feedboard.

Fraser manufactures In-line Ionising Nozzles which can be installed into existing pipework on the feeder to ionise the air being blown into the stack.  We also make Sheet Separation Systems to be used with compressed air.

A 1250 Bar positioned about 10cm from the leading edge of the stack will also neutralise the sheet on single and stream feeders.

Illustration shows 4300 In-Line Nozzle or Ionised Airknife fitted into the existing pipework.



Static in the sheet after printing can cause bad delivery and a ragged stack.

The solution is to position a 1250 Bar so that it is within 50mm of the sheet, avoiding the grippers, as it travels towards the delivery.

Illustration shows 1250 Bar in swan-neck, and pointing down to reduce powder contamination.



If the paper does not hit the top of the folding plate, a 1250 Bar should be positioned at the bottom of the slats to neutralise the sheet on the way up.

If the folded signature sticks to others on the delivery side position a 1250 Bar to neutralise it as it exits the nip rollers, as shown here.

Contact Fraser for details on the latest sheet separation systems.

Illustration shows 1250 Bar at bottom of plate and 1250 Bar neutralising folded signature as it goes onto conveyor




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