Controlling Static in Industry

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Static Elimination for Label Printers and UV Inks

Static control for flexo printing and UV Inks
Static control for flexo printing and UV InksStatic elimination for printing with uv inks









Label printing & converting is a growing market for static eliminators. This is due to the greater use of synthetic substrates, higher speeds and UV inks.
UV Inks
It is critical that the substrate is free from dust when printing UV inks, otherwise there is a real risk of product rejection or misprint. 
  • A Web cleaner after the winder is generally not sufficient to deal with this problem.
  • The substrate typically becomes statically charged after each printing station which creates a chain of static build up and an ideal target for airborne dust particles.
  • We recommend installing a static eliminator after the web cleaner and before the first printing head as shown in the diagram above.
  • A second static eliminator would then be installed after each UV Drier (shown above), which would eliminate any static build up en route to the next print station.
The 1250-S Bar from Fraser Anti-Static is ideal for use on Label Printers. The 1250-S is an AC bar with a compact low profile, robustly
constructed and easy to clean. Perfect for close range multi-bar systems, the 1250-S is an affordable option which will deliver savings
almost as soon as it is mounted and installed. For anyone dealing with higher speeds or larger levels of static there is also the 3024 F.


Static is a leading cause of material misbehaviour and is a responsible for a range of packaging issues as well as presenting a real risk of shocks to operators. Fraser Anti-Static have over 20 years experience in this field. We recognise that many static issues are unique and offer an obligation free consultation for all prospective customers to ensure that the solution we provide will deliver the right results.

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