Controlling Static in Industry

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Pneumatic Transport Systems

neutralise static in the product







Neutralise Static on Pneumatic Transport Systems

Pneumatic transport systems are used to convey plastic bottles, pellets, recycled plastics, waste, trim and similar materials around a factory. The interaction between the product, air and the inside of the pipework can cause serious static electricity problems.

The static electricity can cause fires, blocking inside the pipes, bad separation and filling problems in containers at the discharge end of the system.  The 6000 Iontube is designed to overcome these problems.  Positioned immediately before the
problem, it will neutralise the static charge in the product and eliminate the problem.  The diameter of the Iontube can be from 50mm to 450mm. 

For a full specification please contact factory with your requirements.

These photos show a typical application for the 6000 Iontube.  The trim and waste caused static problems in the separator and collection bins below it.  The Iontube was positioned immediately before the separator to neutralise the static charge and allow the waste material to fall into the boxes below.

Anti-Static  OFF

The blue and white film trim sticks to the walls of the pipework and container.

Anti-Static  ON

The trim drops problem-free into the container.  6000 Iontube mounted before the separator.




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