Controlling Static in Industry

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Plastic Bottle Production

Plastic Bottle Production







Avoid Static Problems in Plastic Bottle Production

Static electricity causes problems throughout the plastic bottle and closures industry, including preforms, parisons, handling, conveying, sorting, filling, sleeving and labelling.  Fraser offers cost-effective solutions to all of these problems.  A few typical examples are shown below.

Blow Moulding: Parisons

A 3850 Ionstorm Bar positioned at a distance of up to 500mm neutralises the parison and prevents it being attracted to the tool.  It generates no air movement and because of its long distance performance can be positioned away from the moving machinery.

Other applications include:

Injection Moulding
Sorting, Bowl Feeders

Injection Moulded Closures

A 3850 Ionstorm Bar (or 2000 / 2020 Ionised Air Blowers) will neutralise the charge in the closures to prevent dust attraction, shocks to operators and product misbehaviour.

Pneumatic Conveying / Handling

The 3850 Ionstorm Bar positioned above the hopper at this multi-national fmcg manufacturer prevented severe shocks to operators and the bottles sticking together.

Static Charge in Plastic Containers can cause many problems, especially when filling dry products like powders or granules.

  • The product can be attracted to the closure threads around the top
  • It can stick to the bottle
  • The product can even jump out of the container
  • It can attract contaminants

The solution can be to use a 1250-S Bar positioned 25-50mm above the containers immediately before the filling head to neutralise the charge in the top part of the bottle.

If misbehaviour of the container is also an issue then 1250-S Bars can be positioned either side of the conveyer to prevent problems from occurring before the filling stage.




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