Controlling Static in Industry

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Plastic Mouldings

Static Electricity causes severe problems throughout the moulding processes.  Fraser offers cost-effective solutions to all of these problems.  A few typical applications are shown below.  See also “Light Mouldings” sketch which shows additional applications.

Injection Moulding

The accumulation of small plastic parts in a container creates a high static charge which attracts dust and can give the operators unpleasant shocks.

It is not efficient to use a short range Bar on the conveyor, because most of the charge in the mouldings “couples” with the conveyor and is not available for neutralisation.

The most efficient method is to use a 3850 Bar to neutralise the parts as they fall into the container.  This neutralises all the charge and prevents electrostatic attraction and shocks.

Deflashing, Swarf and Dust

If the mouldings are trimmed or machined, or if they have had the opportunity to attract airborne dust, they may need to be cleaned before painting or packing.

Fraser offers a range of manual and automatic cleaning options which include ionised air guns, nozzles, compressed airknives and fan-driven airknives.

Thermoform / Vacuumform

The heat, pressure and separation from the tool results in a statically charged product.  This causes the products to stick together when stacked, and considerable dust attraction can occur.

The options are to use a Model 2000 Blower or a 3850 Long Range Ionstorm  Bar as shown here.


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