Controlling Static in Industry

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Typical Sleeving Applications

The productivity of sleeving machines is badly affected by static electricity in the sleeve film.  There are various sleeving machinery  designs.  The sketch below shows the general principles.

As the tube of film is cut and opened the static charge is regenerated and the film misbehaves by sticking together or to the bottle.

The solution is to put a 1250-S Static Eliminator Bar in a position where it avoids other parts of the machine but is able to neutralise the sides of the sleeve as they are opened.  Ideally they should be within 50mm of the opened sleeve in a position as in the sketch.

One 1250-S is needed on each side of the sleeve.  The length of the Bar should be maximum sleeve diameter + 40mm.

The Bars are powered by a HP50-2 Power Unit.

HP502 Power Unit

1250-S Static Eliminator Bar

Option A - no switch

Option B - with switch


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