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Cleaning Webs Using Ionized Air

Cleaning Webs Using Ionized Air







Neutralise Static on Webs

Fraser manufactures a wide range of Air-Assisted Ionised Airknives to neutralise static electricity on webs.  Our range includes the model 5000 Compact Ionised Air Knife, the Model 5100 Ionised Air knife, and the Model 4400 Ionised Air Nozzles all of which use compressed air to power the ionisation across the web.

We also design and supply the Model 5500 Fan Driven Ionised Airknife to the correct specification for your application.  Using an external blower the 5500 creates a longer range of ionised air than the systems using compressed air.

Where using the 5100 or 5500 ionised airknives to clean fast moving webs of material there are several options in mounting the air knives as shown in the following illustrations.

Option 1

Fitting both upper and lower units from the side and blowing square across the webs – the benefit is easy installation – on the negative side there will be velocity loss as you get further across the webs – this really is only suitable for narrow webs.

Option 2

Fitting upper and lower unit’s transverse across the webs set at angle to blow off removed debris against the direction of the webs travel.  This has much improved cleaning over option one but does not blow the debris off the web – just continually backwards from web direction.

Option 3

For easy installation on larger webs fit both upper and lower units from the side which blows the ionised air across the web.

Option 4

Setting both units across the web as in option 2 but this time gaining the cleaning power and this time removing the contaminants from the web surface.





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