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Static Elimination for Label Applicators

Eliminate Static on label applicators









Having static electricity present during a label application process can present its own set of unique problems.  One of the most challenging is being able to correctly mount an ioniser to target the issue.

The static charge could be present in the label, on the product as in the case of plastic bottles, or both:
  • Careful positioning of a 1250-S Static Eliminator can cure both problems.
  • A static eliminator should be aimed at the product and the point where the label leaves the applicator (as shown above).
  • If the product indexes before the labelling head, a second Bar may be required slightly upstream.
Sometimes due to the congestion at the point where ionisation is required, it is not  possible to mount an effective close range ionising Bar.  In these instances, Fraser recommends a 1250 Air Bar to carry Ions to the target area.
Static is typically generated by friction, rapid heat change, contact and separation or induction.  Many of these actions occur during packaging and labelling processes and the result is generally harmless.  Static however, can cause materials to misbehave and is a leading cause of print issues as well as presenting a real risk of shocks to operators.  Fraser Anti-Static have over 20 years experience in this field.  We recognise that many static issues are unique and offer an obligation free consultation for all prospective customers to ensure that the solution we provide will deliver the right results.

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