Controlling Static in Industry

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Static Generators - Pinning Multiple Sheets

Static Generators for pinning multiple webs
Static Generators for pinning multiple websStatic Generator and earthPositive and Negative Static Generators






Pinning or temporary bonding of multiple sheets is incredibly useful for handling, packing and sorting. Commonly used for inserts by mail houses, in magazines, newspapers, publishing companies and more.
  • Static Generators provide a clean, safe, efficient and cost effective solution for temporarily bonding two or more sheets or webs.
  • Static generators perform well if the generator bar is located over free air as in the example above.
  • Some form of earth is required, in the above example we have used a passive static discharger.
  • If the stack is particularly thick or there are multiple webs, a single Bar may not be powerful enough. This can be overcome by replacing the earth with a generator bar of the opposite polarity, thereby doubling the power and pinning capacity.
7130 DC Generator Bars can be used to adhere (pin) two or more webs together, expelling trapped air and producing a long lasting bond that allows easier processing further down line. The materials can be the same but are often different - say paper and plastic film. 
In most cases using a single polarity generator bar and a proximity earth is enough to produce the desired effect. Choosing the desired polarity of the generator is influenced by the position of the material on the triboelectric scale - most plastics are negative and paper is positive. If pinning materials from both sides then you can select either polarity generator.