Controlling Static in Industry

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Ex  Hazardous Area Applications

Ex  Hazardous Area Applications










Applications for Ex-Hazardous Areas

Fraser offers unique ATEX certified products for hazardous area Zones I and II.

Hazardous areas in gravure and flexo printing, coating and laminating industries have the same static problems affecting quality and productivity as other film processors - high charge levels on winders which disrupts downstream operations.
But they also have the more serious risk that a static discharge could ignite the solvent used in the process, resulting in a fire or explosion.  This can be a major safety risk.

Installation in Gravure Printing or Coating Lines

The objective is to reduce the static charge in the web entering and leaving the printing / coating head so that it does not present a fire hazard.  The possible solutions are shown below:


Install an EX1250 Bar 50mm after print head and up to 50mm from substrate to neutralise the charge generated by the printing process.  An EX HPSD Static Discharge positioned 50mm from the print head and 5mm from the substrate can also be considered.


An EX1250 50mm after the last guide roller will neutralise the charge in the material entering the critical solvent zone.  It should be 25mm from substrate.
An EX HPSD can also be used and should be 5mm from the substrate.

EX 715:

The only ATEX Certified Static Meter.  It is also certified to the international IECEx Standard.
The EX715 allows the engineer to investigate the static problem efficiently and scientifically.


High Performance Electrical  Static Eliminator Bar with market-leading performance and reliability.


ATEX Certified Passive Static Discharger.  Typically reducing static levels by over 90%.  Washable in most solvents.


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