Controlling Static in Industry

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Label Printing and Converting - Winders

Static Elimination Solution for Label Printing and Converting
Static Elimination Solution for Label Printing and ConvertingFraser Anti-Static 1250-S Static Eliminator3024L Static Eliminator BarNEOS 12L Intelligent Static Eliminator Bar








Certain processes within label printing and converting can generate large volumes of static, which can in turn result in operator shocks, product rejection and production delays.
There are effectively three options which will allow an operator to neutralise the charge on winders for labels and also for the trim:
  • Option 1: Suitable for lower charges and smaller reels. A 1250-S Bar positioned after the last guide roller on each web.
  • Option 2: 3024L Long range DC Bars.  These have the added benefit of being able to be located further from the web.  The 3024L will direct a continuous flow of ions at each web, targeting the area after the last guide rollers.
  • Option 3: This is arguably the best solution for complete and effective neutralisation without the added cost of air assistance.  NEOS 12L long range bars can be located at distances of up to 600mm from the reels and focused on the area where the web joins the roll.  The NEOS range are intelligent, reactive, and ideal for dealing with the changing geometry of winders.

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