Controlling Static in Industry

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Improved efficiency in Bag Making

increase speed on flat bag makers
increase speed on flat bag makersstatic elimination on bag makersstatic elimination on bag makersstatic elimination on bag makers








Static Electricity causes problems throughout the bag making industry.  Fraser offers cost-effective solutions to all of these problems.  Two typical applications are shown on this page.

Flat Bagmakers

Good static elimination is vital to most bagmaking processes. The main problem is usually bad stacking on the delivery side of the welding head. But because there is so little space on that side, static eliminators are also needed on the infeed side to reduce the charge level before welding.

Static Generators are also used on various types of bagmakers, including patch handle and bag-on-reel machines.  Please contact Fraser for details of Static Generators suitable for this.

Wicket Bagmakers

The long range performance of IONSTORM is ideal for wicket bagmakers, where a static eliminator cannot be placed close to the product.
Two or three 3850 Bars may be needed, generally as shown, with an optional bar above the wicket for larger bags.

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