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Reduce Static Charges in a Vertical Flow Cleanbench

Reduce Static Charges in a Vertical Flow Cleanbench







Eliminate Static Shocks and Improve Efficiency

Remove static charges with targeted Ionising 

Vertical flow cleanbench or cleanbench hood is the most common of cleanbenches with an upper mounted FFU projecting a full ceiling area column of laminar flow air downwards and out of the hood’s front preventing, as with the laminar flow cleanbench, the ingression of contaminants. This continuous flow of clean dry filtered air very easily generates static charges on everything contained within the critical environment. Subsequent removal of any clean but charged components from the hood area will promote the immediate attraction of many localised airborne contaminants present within the host cleanroom which will undoubtedly be a lower grade environment that the protective hood. By placing a slim profile 3860 Ionstorm bar or 3024L one third from the back of the hood (200mm approximately) and across the full width (usually 1100mm) you will insure that the laminar flow air that bathes and keeps clean the working deck of the hood which will be fully ionised thus neutralising the working zone and the components held therein. Where contaminated components are introduced into a cleanbench hood, our 4125 ionised air gun can be used to remove particles retained by electrostatic attraction.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques have a range of static ionising products which are ideally suited to removing or reducing static in a clean room environment. To discuss your specific need and gain a better understanding of the issue, call Fraser today.



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