Controlling Static in Industry

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Improve Production in Clean Booths

Improve Production in Clean Booths







Eliminate Static Charges and Improve Efficiency

Remove static charges with long range Ionising bars

High volumes of dry clean laminar air exiting HEPA filters often carry static charges within the air stream as well as the ability to charge virtually all surfaces within the critical environment. These static charged surfaces can cause damage or interference to sensitive electronic equipment or components as will as result in ESA, electrostatic attraction resulting in contamination issues. By placing either 3850 Ionstorm or 3024L Bars between ceiling mounted HEPA filters or model 3860 Ionstorm or 3024L Bars along the centre of the filter face, the laminar flow air will become ionised thus neutralising the critical environment.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques have a range of static ionising products which are ideally suited to removing or reducing static in a clean room environment. To discuss your specific need and gain a better understanding of the issue, call Fraser today.



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