Controlling Static in Industry

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Removing Static Electricity in a Horizontal Flow Hood

eliminate static from horizontal flow hoods







Eliminate Static Shocks and Improve Efficiency

Remove static charges by Ionising the airflow.

Horizontal Flow cleanbench hood or bench, is generally used where the operator places their head inside the hood (usually where a microscope is used). Air from the HEPA filter which covers the entire inner face of the hood back wall is projected in block outward towards the operator. This air flow generates problematic static charges within the hood especially at the height at which the operator is working. By placing one or two 3024L Ionising bars across the full width, 25mm off surface centred at the operators working height, all air passing the critical work zone will be ionised and therefore will neutralise troublesome static charges.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques have a range of static ionising products which are ideally suited to removing or reducing static in a clean room environment. To discuss your specific need and gain a better understanding of the issue, call Fraser today.



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