Controlling Static in Industry

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Improve efficiency during Inhaler Valve Cleaning

improve efficiency in inhaler valve cleaning






Eliminate Dust Attraction and Improve Efficiency

Remove statically attracted dust by Ionising the airflow.

Inhaler valve / delivery system cleaning stations – Before these pharmaceutical devices can be released from manufacture it is essential to insure the airway is free from contamination. To do this clean dry compressed air or nitrogen is forced through the system to purge the units. By making this gas flow ionised you can ensure that the flow will neither generate static charges during the purge process and also remove any particles retained in the airway by electrostatic attraction. The inline model 4300 ionised nozzle is the ideal equipment selection for this application.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques have a range of static ionising products which are ideally suited to removing or reducing static in a clean room environment. To discuss your specific need and gain a better understanding of the issue, call Fraser today.