Controlling Static in Industry

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Improve efficiency and reduce contaminants in Injection Moulding

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Eliminate Dust Re-Attraction

Remove statically attracted dust by Ionising Airshower entry air locks:

Cleanroom Injection moulding. Plastic components are very highly charged when ejected from an open mould tool resulting in potential contaminant attraction. To prevent this, even the positioning above the open tool of an FFU with a model 3860 Ionstorm bar or 3024L set across the centre of the HEPA filter will keep the laminar flow air and components free of charge and prevent subsequent contaminant attraction.

In collection boxes, the cooling and colliding together of components can translate into additional charging often causing attraction of contaminants and often shocks to operators. Placing a 3850 Ionstorm bar or 3024L over the open collection box will prevent this new charging and the subsequent related issues.

Often following removal from an open tool larger components are placed by robot on to a moving conveyor. Such conveyors in an effort to prevent contamination attraction are fitted with conveyor cover tunnels sometimes even with an FFU installed to produce positive pressure within the tunnel.

If an FFU is used a 3860 / 3024L can be considered in front of the HEPA filter face to keep the laminar flow air and the tunnel environment static free. Often even if an FFU is fitted an AC bar either a Super 80 or 1250S can be installed at the tunnel entrance and exit which will ionise the escaping air keeping components entering or exiting the tunnel neutral.

Where this equipment is not deployed there is often another issue with small components which refuse to drop to the transport conveyor or collection box below the tool. The components instead either adhere to the tool or dance around the open tool area.

By placing a model 5000 ionised air curtain above the open tool projecting a blade of ionised air downward across the tools face, the components are neutralised preventing contaminant attraction and allowing them to be directed downward as required.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques have a range of static ionising products which are ideally suited to removing or reducing static in a clean room environment. To discuss your specific need and gain a better understanding of the issue, call Fraser today.



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