Controlling Static in Industry

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Improve efficiency and reduce contaminants in Injection Moulding



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Avoid Static Problems in Injection Moulding

Deflashing swarf and dust

Fraser Anti-Static has a range of advanced products that can reduce static electricity within injection moulding.The 3850 Long Range Ionising Bar is ideal for treating plastics during and after the moulding process, on assembly benches and hoppers wherever long-range static control is needed.

The 3024L has multiple uses throughout the manufacturing process: over hoppers/bins, at the unwind, or at the end of conveyors to reduce dust and eliminate shocks. It can also be used as the parison enters the tool to prevent attraction to the tool or each other.

Our 4125 Air Guns and 5000 Air Knives are used for deflashing swarf and dust on products such as light clusters and plastic panels.

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