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3810 Ionstorm Single Point Bars

3810 Ionstorm single point static eliminator for enclosed spaces




bullet-point-icon Single point bars
bullet-point-icon Extruded PVC and ABS endcaps, expoxy resin
bullet-point-icon Compact size for neutralising static charge in ducting, cabinets and other enclosed spaces
bullet-point-icon High power with shockless operation




Compact Static Eliminators for Enclosed Spaces

Ionstorm Static Eliminators are also available in the form of Single Point Bars.

3810 Bars are used for neutralising static charge in ducting, cabinets and other enclosed spaces.

  • The 3810 Single Point Bars allow pulsed DC technology to be used in creative applications. Their compact size allows sophisticated static control where little space is available.
  • The 3810 Bars can be used in pairs for long range bi-polar neutralisation, or singly for uni-polar neutralisation. Contact the factory for the full range of possibilities.
  • 3810 Bars can exploit the huge capability and versatility of the Ionstorm 3700 Controller.
  • High power with shockless operation. There is 130MOhm resistance in series with the high voltage.

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