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5000 & 5100 Ionised Air Knives

5100 Ionised Air Knife with 1250 Static Eliminator Bar attached
5100 Ionised Air Knife with 1250 Static Eliminator Bar attached5100 Air knife with HT cable and anti-static bar attached5100 ionised Air Knife with Fraser Anti-Static 1250 bar attached5000 Fraser Anti-Static Air knife with ionisation bar 5100 Ionised Air Knife for removing dust and eliminating static electricity5100 Air Knife mounted with 1250 anti static bar Compact 5000 Fraser Anti-Static Air Knife




bullet-point-icon Neutralises static electricity and prevents re-attractionof dust
bullet-point-icon Available in a wide range of standard lengths
bullet-point-icon  Fast and efficient static removal
bullet-point-icon  Simple to install and regulate




Ionised Air knives - Fast, Efficient Static Removal & Cleaning

Ionised Air Knives produce fast-moving ionised air which can neutralise static electricity and remove contaminants.

They are used to clean plastic parts removing the dust and eliminating the static electricity to prevent re-attraction.

  • Powerful ionisation kills the static charge holding the dust, allowing the fast beam of laminar air to remove it for a thorough cleaning.
  • The non-turbulent laminar airflow limits the recombination of ions in the air and so maximises the static neutralisation performance.
  • Compressed air is amplified by a factor of up to 20:1. So a litre of compressed air produces up to 20 litres of fast-moving air.
  • Available in a wide range of standard lengths in two body styles the compact 5000 and the efficient 5100. See datasheet for further details.
  • The 1250 Static Eliminator Bar mounted on the air knife has market leading reliability: see datasheet on 1250 Static Eliminator for further details.
  • Simple to install and regulate.

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