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Dust Removal & Cleaning

Fraser's range of anti-static cleaning technologies is helping manufacturers meet increasingly strict quality standards in production.
Fans, blowers and nozzles which do not produce ionised air are no longer enough and should be considered a temporary solution. They may actually make the situation worse, because when non-ionised air hits a non-conductive product it can increase the static charge in both the product and the dust adhering to it.
Modern processes and substrates create and attract dust, and it's the static that makes it stick. Blowers distribute airborne particles around the factory, where they become re-attached or attracted to the nearest charged surface, which is often the product slightly further down the line.
To remove dust and particulate contamination and prevent re-attraction requires specialist products using ionised air. This can help you maintain clean products that go on to secondary processes, increase your yield and quality, and eliminate additional cleaning costs. 
Fraser ionised air equipment – including the patented centrifugal power behind our most powerful solution, Roto-Clean – is able to neutralise the static attraction and remove the contaminant at the same time.

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