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Measurement of Static Electricity Measuring the levels of static electricity is important. It allows you to see if there is static present, its size and where it is being generated. Fraser static meters are simple to use and very useful in analysing potential static problems. It is important to follow operating instructions when measuring static. The electric field behaves in unique ways and must be understood. One of the most interesting characteristics of the electric field, which is very important when trying to measure the charge, is illustrated in the image attached. Electric Field: is a region of space in which electrical (Coulomb) forces act. every charged object is surrounded by an electric field. the field line run perpendicular to the material and show the direction in which the force acts. it can be coupled with other bodies with important consequences for measuring and neutralising the charge. When the charged material passes over a roller, for example, the electric charge couples with the roller and seems to disappear. It is impossible to make an accurate measurement near the roller. The electric field "returns" when the material leaves the roller and so can be measured again.

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