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Wednesday, 26 October 2016 12:36

Powerful intelligent static control - The all new NEOS range

A World First in Advanced Static Control   Building on the success of the original 3024 24V DC Bar, Fraser has developed three new high performance Static Eliminator Bars for the most demanding applications in the plastics and converting industries. These Bars use NEOS technology to increase the performance by up to 250% compared to competitive products. NEOS works by sampling the electric field of the static charge and then increasing the supply of ions of the opposite polarity until the charge is neutralised. The sampling can be many times a second, so the response is very fast. NEOS has been tested at process speeds of 2000m/minute to ensure that it can cope with the increasing speeds in the converting and papermaking industries.   The development of NEOS required the design and manufacture of a unique suite of computerised high voltage test equipment which Fraser believes is the most advanced in the electrostatics industry. It can be programmed to sequence a variety of tests automatically – doing in one day what previously had taken at least a month of manual testing.    In addition to providing ultra-high performance, NEOS provides process security for static critical applications. It monitors the Bar and provides the customer with signals showing its operational status and whether it needs cleaning or other maintenance. The customer also has the option to switch off the intelligence and use the Bars as conventional (powerful) static eliminators, making this the most flexible static eliminator available today.    All NEOS Bars are powered by 24V DC. All the ionising and sensing electronics are enclosed in the Bar. Tungsten emitters, replaceable on the NEOS 20 and 30, guarantee many years of high performance. The high voltage is resistively coupled for safety. All Bars are available in lengths up to 5m, with reinforced bodies for durability.   NEOS: Customer Benefits • Reactive intelligence which boosts static neutralisation power by up to 250% • Highest static neutralisation power on the market • Four models to cope with the fastest speeds and longest distances • Remote and local monitoring of status and maintenance requirements • Robust construction, with reinforced body, tungsten emitters, IP67 construction • Certified to international standards for worldwide use

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