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Wednesday, 26 October 2016 12:36

How to remove or reduce static electricity in industrial processes

Reducing or removing static from an industrial process is for many industries an essential aspect of manufacturing. The build up of static electricity can cause product rejection, safety issues, dust attraction, packaging failures and a host of other largely preventable static related problems.  The good news is there are a number of cost-effective anti-static solutions that can be applied to almost any situation.  The three main types of industrial static control equipment can broadly be categorised as follows: Active Static Control - This includes both AC and DC powered electrodes. Products in this category are often referred to as ionising bars or anti-static bars. Passive Static Control - Products in this category include anti-static tinsel, static control cord and antistatic carbon fibre brushes. Air Assisted Static Control - This includes a range of static control guns, anti-static airknives, antistatic pneumatic tube systems and AC ionising bars with air assistance to boost the effective ionisation range. Depending on the process, type of material and equipment/machinery being used, nature of the environment (ie hazardous) and proximity to the issue, there is a static elimination solution among these three categories which will resolve your issue. How do I know what I need? There are a number of different organisations which manufacture anti-static products, some specialise in one area and others like Fraser, carry a full range of anti-static solutions. Fraser is well known in the Manufacturing Industry for supplying high quality bespoke static solutions, due in part to Fraser's commitment to consulting with our customers rather than providing a standard off the shelf, "one size fits all" approach. It is important that you speak to a knowledgeable anti-static professional before deciding on a piece of static control equipment, this will always save you time and money in the end.    

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