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Friday, 07 June 2019 14:24

Fraser launches world’s smallest 24V DC static elimination bar

25 June 2019: Fraser Anti-Static Techniques has taken close-range static elimination to a new level with the launch of the 3024 Compact 24V DC ionising bar.

The world’s smallest static elimination bar of its type, the powerful 3024 Compact is available at just 150mm or 200mm bar lengths to meet the requirements of high-performance machinery where space is constrained. They are the only bars available with built-in electronics at this scale and require only a low voltage 24V DC input to deliver high voltage static elimination – up to 7.5kV integrated in the bar.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques CEO, Bruce Clothier, said: “The unique 3024 Compact is the smallest 24V DC static elimination bar available on the market today with built-in electronics and integrated remote monitoring capability. Developed in direct response to global OEM and machinery operator demand, the 3024 Compact is the first of several planned additions to our popular 3024 family of short and long range DC static eliminators.

“Drawing upon our experience as providers of the widest choice of 24V DC anti-static bars in the marketplace, we’ve ensured the 3024 Compact delivers 100% ionisation coverage across the entire length of the bar. It has an optimum operating distance of 20mm to 50mm and a maximum distance of 150mm. It is ideal for fast moving materials at speeds up to 1,000m/min, and well suited to web and sheet applications where space is limited. Its flexibility makes it suitable for most industrial processes including pharmaceutical and food manufacturing.”

Fraser is leading product development in electrostatic control technology, and the 3024 Compact meets the need for powerful static elimination in the confined spaces common with modern space-efficient, high-performance production machinery.

The entire market-leading 3024 product range is now available from Fraser and its global distribution network, with more details and specifications on the 3024 Compact online at


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