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Tuesday, 24 March 2020 14:40

COVID-19 and Continuity of Supply - 2

Statement from Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd

In a bid to decrease the transmission rate of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the UK Government yesterday introduced new measures to reduce the amount of contact between people. Effective immediately, these measures include:

  • requiring people to stay at home except for very limited purposes, such as travelling to and from work where this work cannot be done from home, and
  • stopping all public gatherings except where the gathering is essential for work purposes.

The health and safety of our workforce and their families, our customers, suppliers and logistics providers remain of paramount importance to us. Therefore, to comply with the latest instructions from the UK Government, Fraser has implemented further actions to supplement those set out in our statement dated 18 March, 2020.

Arrangements are being put in place for most of our Purchasing, Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Customer Operations staff to work remotely from home. We will continue to run the business efficiently through the use of cloud technology and virtual networks. We can be contacted by email, the website contact form or telephone and will respond to your enquiries promptly in the usual way.

As instructed, we are reducing the amount of day-to-day contact between people by minimising the number of meetings and other workplace gatherings between our Production team, who cannot work remotely, and skeleton support staff.

We have also implemented social distancing in the factory and office, and practise strict hygiene procedures to limit the spread of any infection.

Owing to our robust supply chains and logistics, the production and shipment of Fraser products is generally unaffected at present. Although we cannot predict with any certainty how the effect of the latest measures will unfold, we will continue to monitor and mitigate as many potential impacts as feasible.

The UK Government will review these measures in three weeks’ time and relax them if the evidence shows this is possible. We will continue to keep you updated with any changes. 

Yours sincerely

Bruce Clothier


Download the statement as a PDF here.


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