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Blister Packaging Applications

discharge static to avoid shocks
discharge static to avoid shocksremove dust to create a good sealavoid product jumping out




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Overcome Static Issues in Thermo Vacuuming

The thermo-vacuum forming process is static generative with the result that the stack of tray can be highly charged.  Sometimes there is a problem de-nesting the trays, which can be overcome with a Fraser Ionised Air Nozzle, but more usually the static problems are associated with filling of the trays with product.  Typical static problems are:

Static Shocks

The metal lid on the blister pack is a floating conductor - it can be induction charged by the static in the plastic part of the pack and that charge is available to give a shock.  The charge in a single pack is quite small, but if it goes into a larger container the
accumulated charge can give painful shocks.  Some reduction in charge can be achieved by a 660 Static Discharger with its Stainless Steel filaments touching the lid as it comes out of the machine.  Alternatively, neutralise the whole container with a 3850 Bar as

Dust on the Shoulder
Product dust and powder on the shoulder of the tray prevent the lid from making a good seal.  This dust can be removed by a flow of air from a 1250 Air Bar in conjunction with a simple dust collection system.  The airflow must be regulated to avoid disturbing the product.

Product Jumping Out

If there is a high charge in the tray it can repel the product or at least some of the powder coating around the product.  The tray can be neutralised with a 1250 Bar immediately before the filling station to prevent this.





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